For such a time as this?

ImageSweet Jesus, 

I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday, phew!
Thank you Lord for helping me find my ax form today – I really needed that!
Hey that lad got back to me, said he had to stay on late in work that night, so maybe will see him soon?? What do you think?
Looking forward to the conference tomorrow night…but who am I gonna go with ?
Maybe I should have just booked one ticket and planned to go on my own?
What’s on your heart at the moment Jesus? The people affected by the typhoon?
Surely I should donate some money? Text to give £5 via tearfund? Done.
What about that girl who’s going over to help out!? How sacrificial is that!? Using up precious annual leave to risk your health and see terrible sights over there?
Give me courage to find out more and seriously consider joining her….
What’s more important? My comfort and easy life or their unmet basic needs.
My job is so lovely, it’s a joy, easy hours, nice co-workers, lots of holidays. Maybe you have provided me with it for such a time as this? (Esther 4:14)
I’m just thinking. It never even crossed my mind before today. I heard on the radio this morning someone saying they had plenty of goods, but not enough vans or people to get it distributed.
May I know clearly what to do, guide me as I read your word now this evening.
Fill me up with your Holy Spirit, godly wisdom and spiritual understanding.
?Maybe it’s best to just send money via the Red Cross over there.
Show me.
All glory to you.
Speak soon.

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