Greater than my wildest dreams

ImageLord God,

Wow your ways are mind blowing!
Far beyond my limited thinking.
Thank you that you are greater than I can comprehend, or even imagine in my wildest dreams.

God may My friend Ryan know how powerful it is to share his testimony. Rev12:11. You speak through it, your power is evident!

Lord I pray for his 2 mates who he is concerned about, may they search for you with all their hearts Jesus.

God thank you for my friends Lou, Linzi, Jill and Ciara. Help me to see them through your eyes, to share your good news with them and how passionately you love them!

May I be excited about you again. I don’t want to leave my first love (Rev2:4).

Lord transform my mind, do not let me be influenced by what the world has to offer. Protect me. How much time am I spending on fb, YouTube and Pinterest? Surely that influences me deep down. Rom12:2 and 2 Cor 6:14.

Sorry that so often I feel totally embarrassed to speak about you. That should not be.
Help me to be faithful to you, and overflowing with appreciation for your goodness!

May I not just have good intentions, may I be able to get on with living them out, let them become reality. Anything I do for you will never be wasted, even though it’s not easy or glamorous or fun. May it all be for your glory.

For you are good and your love endures.
Thank you. amen.



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