No hesitation


O my God,

I’m working today, I know the two men I have to see this morning, they need a miracle Jesus, give them their life back, may they be born again for your glory. Help me to pray for them with faith.

God you are good, you are true, you love us so passionately, you are just, you are mighty, you are wonderful.

Sorry God for putting temporary things before your Kingdom.
Sorry for putting myself before others. My selfishness before their basic needs.
Sorry for not being joyful. Jesus is very exciting! May that truth be clear on my face.

Sorry for being scared of what others may think of me, and then not standing up for you, help me to not hesitate in doing what is right.

Thank you for blessing me abundantly, thank you for saving me, for your forgiveness, grace, purpose for my life, your comfort, counsel, faithfulness and constant closeness whether I feel it or not.

Thank you for your patience, your compassion, your provision and your Word.

Please help me now as I read it, to understand it and apply it to my daily living starting today.
Please bless my family, Christian friends, non Christian friends, co workers and clients, may each one of them draw closer to you and seek you with all their hearts.

Renew my joy, hope, faith and love.
For Jesus sake, amen.


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