I trust you more than myself


Yes Jesus!

Thank you for the lovely evening I’ve had in your company after another hectic day. Ha! You know how mad it’s been – someone I don’t know phoning me at half 5 about work stuff – I won’t even go there now!!

I was wondering who to meet up with this evening, but instead decided to listen to inspiring worship songs and try to paint a beautiful sunset…bliss! Then microwaved a bag of popcorn and tuned in to dont tell the bride. Mighty craic!

God you are holy, you are creative, you are supernatural, you are generous, loving and proactive. Thank you!

Sorry God for laughing at people less fortunate than myself (if you could even call them that?!). Sorry for thinking the world revolves around me. Sorry for being so prideful and thinking I am great. I mess up every single day, thank you for your grace.

Please help me to be gracious too.
May that lady get sorted in the morning please Lord.
Thank you for the restful evening I’ve had. You know normally I prefer socialising to being on my own. But I did really enjoy doing a bit of art and I’m pleased with how it has turned out so far. Should I give it to my friends as a wee housewarming present? Or keep it for a Christmas gift for someone in my family? Hmmm! Is it even good enough to give away?!

Thank you again for the lovely evening out I had there at the weekend with that guy. And thank you for the exciting plans lined up for this weekend with different old friends and then even looking forward to a really girly few days the following weekend!

Thank you for helping me get caught up with my paperwork today.

O God you are beautiful.
You know everything.

I trust you alone.
More than myself!

Chat you soon.


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