Complete unity {John17:23}


Lord of all,

I’m tired. I’ve got small group tonight. Please keep me awake!

God you are ace, you are bigger than the universe, you are compassionate, you are a darling, you are enduring, you are faithful, you are the greatest, you are holy and you are invincible!

I confess all the wrong thoughts I’ve had, words I’ve said and choices I’ve made today. You know that a wrong attitude is typical of me. Sorry. Please change me, mould me, make me more like Jesus.

Thank you Father for loving me and being so overwhelmingly good to me! Thank you for your forgiveness and patience and endurance and for the hope you have given me and for giving me eternal life!

Thank you for Jean and the lovely tea and yummy dinner she gave me this evening, it is so kind of her. Bless her richly Lord. Heal her knee please because you love her.

Please Lord tonight at small group show us your vision, give us unity and draw us deeper in love with you and together in brotherly love. Bless our leaders especially.

And I pray for the three girls who gave their lives to you at small group recently, strengthen them, encourage them, fill them with your Holy Spirit, love, joy, faith and peace. Bless them abundantly. I am so excited for them as they start their journeys with you!

You are good. You are great!

In Jesus name


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