worth living for.


King of kings,
What do you want to say to me tonight?
What do you see going on in the world that I am oblivious to, or even worse, just being apathetic towards?

You are the good shepherd, Lord of lords, Majesty.

I adore you for you continually protect me, you are super, you actually, truly love me and you are real. You live. You made me. You are beyond my comprehension. You made time!!!

That is impossible for me to get my head round. I cannot imagine being outside of time! How!?!

Anyway, sorry God for being prideful yet again, for thinking I’m better than others, thinking how much I help other people and how they should appreciate it!! Oh my goodness, deep down I really do think I am worthy to receive glory. But Lord, you alone are.

Even my best deeds, motives and thoughts are like filthy rags to you.
Lord may my only motive be, hoping to receive a crown from you on judgement day and to honour and glorify you by offering it at your feet. May it be so!

Thank you Father for caring for me, for looking out for me, for making a plan for my life.

Please Jesus, help me to keep my focus on you all the time, please renew my joy, and strengthen my faith. O God, I pray for the mission being planned for the new year, inspire the leadership team with ideas for possible names, locations, how to advertise creatively and what to include. May the local churches also pray for the event and the young people who will attend – may come closer to you and be ready for you to change lives.

God I miss you. Rekindle that first love I had for you, fill me to the top with your Holy Spirit. I want to shine for you.

Nothing else is worth living for.
Help me to be bold, even talking to nonchristian friends about my relationship with you and how you have blessed me.

I pray for my family, my Sunday school class, my church leaders, the special Christmas service in church, the people I work with esp a.q.who specifically requested prayer. Bless them all, restore and heal them. May they realise you are near, you are real, you are wonderful, you are good and they are loved.

In Jesus precious name.
Amen, amen, amen.

Romans 12:10 – outdo one another in showing honour… What a challenge for me!!


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