Mustard seed


O Lord Jesus,

Give me faith, even just the size of a mustard seed (Matt 17:20).

O God, heal my little sis, renew her mind and give her her health back and energy. Lord heal my friend’s dad. Lord I pray for my bro, help him as he does without his cigarettes and drugs, help him to keep seeking you and following you every day. May his friends see how you have changed him too and realise that you are real and near and good.

Lord I pray for the three lovely ladies in my small group who were saved recently. Bless them lord, fill them with your Holy Spirit and may their faith continue to grow. Thank you for them, their enthusiasm and their hearts. Bless their partners and families.

God I pray for my flatmate, help her in her coursework and revision, help her to get back to life group. Thanks for the friendships she maintains, bless them and her relationships with her family.

Lord I pray for that lady’s knee, take away the swelling and draw her to her knees as she seeks you. Thank you for her willingness to pray for me, she asked that you would direct me. Yes Christ, please do!

I love you, thank you for this weekend away, what a great opportunity you have given me. Bless you.

Night night God.


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