The big picture


Lord soften my heart. You know everything, you are righteous, holy and awesome.

Sorry for being so pass-remarkable yesterday..saying: that girl was doing a lot of name-dropping and you know the other negative comments I made.

Sorry God. Please make me more and more like Jesus. I have a long, long way to go!

Thank you for friends and family and especially my family through you… Brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please give me wisdom. Help me to know how to approach the subject of the guy I think has a crush on my wonderful friend, help me to be sensitive and respectful to both of them, and yes I hope I would be genuinely happy for them if they got together.

Thank you for that word last night. Sometimes I feel like I am on a train, not going anywhere at the min, just waiting at the station, expecting it to go one direction… but all the while You have something totally different in mind at the moment and even a different track!

Lord guide me, help me to walk in your purposes.

In Jesus name.


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