He knows me better than I know myself!


Dear God,

I adore you! You are worthy. I love you. And worship you. Blessed be your name. May your will be done. Have your way in my life. You know best. May you be glorified.

Sorry God for being so consumed by my thoughts about that fella but I’m wondering does he have a gf, I don’t want to just ask him as that makes it too obvious that I am interested and he doesn’t even seem interested in me. I feel like I am getting mixed signals from him.

O God, give me wisdom to know what to do. Thank you for everything! Thank you that I can enjoy you, get to really know Jesus, thank you for how often I get to see my friends, for good health, the privilege of having a job helping the elderly, the luxury of going to the beach yesterday, the freedom of swimming in the sea and the joy of trying to dance!

Please God, help my sister in her work, to keep up to speed and to prepare well for her yearly review that is coming up. Bless her and thank you for how generous she is to me and such a good friend for keeping me accountable.

Please help me to run as fast as I can towards you Jesus. May nothing stop me or slow me down. I signed up to a dating agency but God may your will be done. That is all I desire.

You are so good. Even when I am unfaithful to you, you remain faithful. Thank you. I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve anything good. You are completely awesome. May my first priority be honouring You and encouraging people to get closer to you!

In Jesus powerful name,


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