Open the eyes of my heart…


Oh my goodness, Father,

I had my eyes opened tonight, hung out with a friend today and the people at her house were talking about being hooked on k-pack painkillers and were so, so drunk… Drinking all day long and possibly drinking for the past 3 days.

I haven’t been in that situation before. Oh my God, help those guys to come to you. Help me not to judge them. Bless them, help them get to work etc tomorrow. May they invite you into their lives Jesus. Fill them with your Holy Spirit, and fill me too!

In Jesus name.



3 thoughts on “Open the eyes of my heart…

  1. Hello Devoted!
    What a wonderful, heart-felt post! I look forward to really diving more into your blog. Also, thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministries. I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st because the “just shall live by his faith.” — Sebastian

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