Turn my mess into a message


Dear Jesus,

My life is a mess! O my word! Double booked myself next Sunday afternoon. Slept in this morning. Late sending off my job application. Dunno what to get my big brother for his birthday coming up soon!!!

Lord you see me, thank you for wakening me before I slept too long today. Thank you for helping me get an early night tonight. It was so good seeing my relatives last night. Thank you that I got my Christmas shopping started too!!!

Should I buy Christian Aid charity gifts for some of my family? Or a different charity? Or what??!

Lord please help me to take responsibility and face the consequences of my actions tomorrow. Thank you that you are ALWAYS with me.

Jesus I pray for my sister who is sick, my friend whose dad has cancer, my dad and his partner, my brother and his gf, my brother and his new work and my brother who is halfway through his work period. I pray that you would grant my other brother rest now after all his night shifts and bless my friend C in her work, in her relationships and in her faith.

God you are good, you are great, you are amazing! You made the world so creatively, you look after us so completely and you sent us Jesus so compassionately!!! Thank you for loving me. 🙂

I love you too.


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