Hectic festive


Almighty God,

You are above my understanding. Last night I dreamt I had to pay 90p for a little cup of tap water. What was that all about???

Anyway it makes a change for me to be up early and it is so good to get some time alone with you at the start if the day. I love you.

Help me today to get the necessary reports done, I’m hoping it’s quiet this evening work wise so that I have a chance to get my bro’s bday present and also a Christmas present for dads partner. I need to go to ikea, maybe asda, boots, the mall and would need to get my tan done ready for the office party tomorrow, flip it’s gonna be a busy day!

Lord thank you for looking after me, protecting me and guiding me. Thank you for helping me get that application off, for giving my bro work next month, thank you for my job, my car, my church, my family, my friends, my health, my house and my food! Thank you even more for forgiving me, for showing me grace, mercy and love, for healing me spiritually and emotionally and mentally. Thank you for comforting me and being with me.

Sorry Jesus for totally not appreciating all the good gifts you give me, even clean water to drink is such a blessing. Lord I pray for everyone today who does not have any clean water, please may you provide some form of fluids which are safe for them to drink today. Father I pray for the charities that are trying to provide people with clean water, help me to share my finances with them. God may churches and governments also help them as much as you would require!

I was thinking there of another thing I need to do this evening – pack ! Everything I need to do is such a luxury and a privilege compared to what I know is going on in other people’s lives, struggling to survive. Lord I pray for people who are being unfairly persecuted today or in the recent past, please Jesus, may they call out to you, and may you draw closer to them.

Thank you that the troubles of this life are only temporary and simply by asking you into our lives and believing you are alive Jesus, that we get to spend eternity in your presence! No tears, no pain, no hunger, no thirst, no anger, no sadness, no bad memories, no guilt, no sickness, not a single bit of discomfort forever and ever!!!

Thank you so much for dying for me Jesus.
You deserve all the glory and all my praise.



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