Your presence is the best present!


Yes God,

Only 2 more days in work then I’m driving home for Christmas! Woop woop!
Love it!

So, what to do tomorrow? Outdoor ice rink or go to a ball!? Hard choice!!! Such a hard choice! And to top it all off I’m feeling really miserable with the cold these days – sore throat, red nose, painful cough… 😦 make me better Jesus!

Ice skating was organised weeks ago so it’s obviously the right choice, but then it is likely to rain so maybe we won’t even go. Give me wisdom lord!

I adore you Father cuz I know you are smiling over me! You love me ! You call me precious! And you know everything about me! You are mighty, you are creator, you are my friend. Even closer than a brother. Your love endures and you are faithful even when we are not. You are worthy of honour and glory!

Sorry Lord for being irresponsible, for stirring people up against each other, for not being generous and for stealing from you by not tithing – everything I have comes from you, the least I should do is give you a measly 10%!!! Sorry for going into work when I have the cold and sorry for missing the deadline for the aptitude test …again!!!

Thank you Lord, that even when I mess up, you can make all things work together for the best. Thank you lord for helping me get up in time for work everyday, thank you for my friends, the lovely presents ci bought me and the good time spent catching up at the cafe this evening with ca.

Please God give me wisdom to know what to do, fill me up with your Holy Spirit, I’m to visit my great aunt, should I go tonight or tomorrow? I also need to see my cousin and buy the last 13 Christmas presents!!! I’ve bought 15 out of 28. Aagh!
Lord I pray for r, please heal, comfort and restore him. Father i pray for the Christians that are being persecuted because of you, please help them, encourage them, may they know your presence and know we are praying for them.

Lord draw me closer to you, and may I draw my friends closer to you also Jesus. You are good.

In your name I ask these things.
May your will be done.
Increase your kingdom here!
Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere God.

Indeed! Amen!


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