In Christ Alone


O Christ,
I adore you, you are the best. You are truth, you alone are perfect, you are pure, spotless, holy, refreshing, astonishing, mighty, fair and good.

Sorry God for telling lies, sorry for taking so long to get in touch with you again. Sorry for not spending time with you, please forgive me and help me to draw close to you and seek you with all my heart.

Thank you for your gift, he is the greatest ever! You sent your son to us, out of the comfort and safest of heaven, to a dirty, drafty stable, in a world of people who would mock him, disown him, whip and beat him, the king of kings put through the most degrading form of torture possible.

Please Lord, help david feel better, keep him safe as he drives to work tomorrow, thank you that r is getting well, thank you that I am feeling better too, thank you for the enjoyable time I had at the ball, and thank you that I got caught up with all the necessities in work.

Jesus I love you, I worship and adore you.
Open my mouth to share with the world how wonderful you are!
Thanks again for all your blessings. Please bless the work of SCI.

Help me to go your way and honour you.
Help me to keep in touch with you and make it my priority.
Thank you for your forgiveness. Blessed be your name. Amen.


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