Beautiful God…


Beautiful God,

You are completely amazing, really real, very near and yet you seem so quiet.

Sorry for not seeking you, spending time with you, listening to you.

Sorry for putting so much emphasis on my pleasure, achieving my own purposes, focusing on my plans and what I can gain.

Thank you for your endless second chances, your gentle knocking at the door, your astonishing creativity, generosity and unconditional love. Thank you for freedom, for family, for your word, your promises and your light and easy burden replacing my heavy one.

Please heal Grace, please help me to act justly, inspire me Holy Spirit how I can bring justice here? Help me to love mercy, forgive friends, previous bosses and ex bf’s. Please help me to walk humbly with you Jesus. Help me not to boast.

May my life give you pleasure.

in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.


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