Wisdom, hope & joy


Father in heaven,

You are good, you are far above anything else, you bless us and you continually look after us.
Thank you so much for saving _’s life. I have been thanking you every day because I am so glad! Lord thank you that he wasn’t seriously injured and that the driver is ok.
Thank you for _ looking after him so well. Please help them to put you first in their relationship. Guide them, and bless them.
Sorry God for being two faced. Sorry for not being respectful about my manager and for not being humble.
Please help my Sunday school class and me to love mercy, act justly and walk humbly with you. Help us to look out for opportunities and to seize them to honour you.
Please may J not have any sinister injuries from the crash. Help him to get the care he needs and please heal him Lord.
Please help me and Bff as we look for and choose somewhere to stay this weekend. May you keep us safe, and may we remember to bring everything we need and that we will enjoy our weekend together. Lord thank you for her friendship with me, please Lord soften her heart/mind that she may consider coming to church with me on Sunday morning.
God help me to be wise, and sensitive and gracious and humble. Fill me up with your Holy Spirit and guide me in my conversations, Lord the last few days I have been messaging r&j. Now I’m questioning is that even fair on them!?!

Please help me now to get ready for work quickly and to focus on my patients this morning and this afternoon. Bless them all as they try to cooperate with the rehab. Encourage them and bring hope and joy into their lives.

You are good and your love endures forever.

Amen. Xx


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