Oh my goodness Lord!

you know who asked me out!!

Ok I don’t want to get distracted from my quiet time with you, but thank you Jesus! Why does stuff like this always happen after I give up!?!

Hmm, I don’t even have much time to meet him this weekend, will only be home at half ten tomorrow, then free then back to the big smoke on mon morning, but … was hoping I might meet him again on Sunday for a while. Aagh!!!

God, what am I like?
No one for months, then 3 guys ask me out in one week!
It never rains but it pours!!!

Thank you for the awesome verses I read there now too. Help me to seek YOU with all my heart. You are my number one desire, not some fella who fancies me.

But what do I do now that two boys want to date me this weekend?

One is going to considerably more effort than I guess the other will, but the other I am far more interested in. He is lovely and very attractive! …possibly too nice!?!? Too good to be true?!

Please God just keep me safe and help me to respect them both and you above all.
Keep t safe on his flight home. I love you Lord.

I’m so glad you are able to make a message out of my mess.
Amen xx


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