Sudden Notoriety


Hello Lord!

O wow, _ is so sweet! He’s an absolutely lovely guy! O my goodness, his friend saw me with _ yesterday though! What would he think? Should I tell him?!

I thought yesterday morning was going well, but as the day went on I felt more nervous and more uncomfortable!
I knew deep down, I couldn’t see myself married to him, all I would want to be is friends.

_ is a sweetheart though, better than my “dream guy”.

Lord bless him, keep him safe, help him as he seeks you and serves you!

Lord thank you for helping me to respond to . and , gently declining their interest. Please may you help them as they read it, to not take it personally, to not be offended or feel embarrassed or regretful but that they would feel encouraged, hopeful and blessed by knowing me.

Please lord! I know that is a lot to ask but I would really appreciate it.

Thank you in anticipation.

In Jesus holy name. Amen.


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