Do not awaken love before it is ready (SoS 2:7)


Dear Lord

You are good, so good, all the time! I adore you! I am amazed by you, I am in awe of you. You are a mystery, you are greater than I can express, you are beyond anything I’ve comprehended!

Sorry Lord for lying to so many people this week, including you know who! I felt so stressed and guilty about it, and now I don’t know what to expect – disapproval or punishment, I’m not sure which is worse tbh. I put a big portion of my pride into holding onto other people’s approval. Even that I need to confess ! Sorry lord, help me to be firstly concerned with your approval, which I know is unconditional so please just renew my desire to honour you.

Thank you God for my friends, even the couple who give me doubtful advice! Thank you for my family, thank you for helping me to have wisdom on Sunday evening. Thank you for my job and my lovely boss who cares about me and the other seniors for encouraging me!

Please God, may I not awaken love before it is ready! (Song of Songs 2:7)
Please God may I not build up an idealistic picture of _ in my head after one date.
Help me not put pressure on him, help him to manage his prior commitments well.
Help me to not scare him away by being too keen, but at the same time please help me to genuinely show my interest and be myself.

Lord I pray for him as he does his work today and youth fellowship this weekend, I pray for mine too, help me as I prepare the lesson and may the kids read the book and hear your voice to them individually. Lord Jesus I pray that you will help me catch up on all my work, choose good, meaningful gifts that will be appreciated and keep me safe as I drive today. Bless my brothers and sisters.

In Jesus name, amen!


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