My soul clings to you


God you are good all the time. You are mighty, you save me frequently, you protect me, you lead me and you comfort me every day. You are amazing, awesome, all knowing and able.

Sorry God for not trusting you fully. Sorry for being impatient. Sorry for being selfish. Sorry for being boastful. Sorry for keeping quiet about you and your love. Sorry for always keeping the good news to myself and missing opportunities to encourage others.

Thank you Father for saving my life, thank you for my family and friends, thank you for ! Thank you for how he is romancing me 🙂 thank you for my car, my bosses, my job and my home. Thank you for food, health and fitness, thank you for my church and freedom to follow you openly.

Please God I pray for G – heal her.
I pray for my patients – strengthen them.
I pray for my family – bless them.
I pray for my friends – protect them.
I pray for J – guide him.
I pray for my work mates – encourage them.

Please Lord draw us all closer to you. May we take time to read your word to us and to pray to you and listen to what you want to say. Help us all to take action and not be content with good intentions or the right feelings.

Lord Jesus, I pray for myself.. Help me to understand your word, soften my heart to accept it and quicken me to obey it and may your will be done in my life. If you have planned for ! and I to be together then may you bless our relationship, draw us closer together and closer to you. May our lives and relationship give you honour and may we reflect you more and more every day. Please bless him as he prepares for the performance, please bless the youth group he leads and please bless him in his work in retail, education and leisure! God may we respect you, respect each other and respect ourselves as we start this relationship. Thank you for his friendship, his generosity, gentleness, goodness and enthusiasm. May he never take your place in my life though. May I always rely on you. I will always need you God.

In Jesus name. Amen.


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