What is going on with me?!?


O my goodness Lord what is going on with me recently?!?

I let on that I had went to the conference on tues morning and didn’t tell the whole truth. I sneaked out of the house tonight, through the flipping window!!!
Should I text D now? No, he’ll ring me if he wants to!

On my own with you.. What could be better?!?
For one day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere! Ps 84:10.

Provision. Ministry. Children. Young adults. And adults … Befrienders. Share.
Lord please bless the youth, the leaders, especially G and h inspire them, increase their creativity and their fruitfulness. Fill them all with your Holy Spirit and may you establish the work of their and own hands ps90:17.

Lord I pray for the kids on thurs and fri nights, may they come to know you are real, you are holy and that you love them unconditionally. Draw them unto you. Lord I pray for the youth going to Connect, may you strengthen their faith, encourage and edify them. D, N, G, and whoever goes!

Lord I pray for the kids and teenagers in the village and surrounding area, may they taste and see that your are good. Ps34:8-10. May they and us take refuge in you, fear you and therefore lack nothing.

The young adults – God help them find jobs, help them get into a routine of quiet time with you, help them and me to put you first above all else, including romantic interests. I pray for J, S, T, G, K, R, C, the s’s, the e’s and the rest! Bless them abundantly and fill them to overflowing with your Holy Spirit.

God I need you!

God give us the spirit of wisdom and revelation, so we may know you better. Enlighten the eyes of our hearts so that we may know the hope you have called us to. That we would know the riches of your glorious inheritance and that we would know your incomparably great power for all who believe.eph1:17.

Help V and her team of befrienders. Open doors for them to share your love Jesus in this community. May they have more opportunities to serve you by feeding the hungry, befriending the lonely, clothing the needy, visiting sick people and prisoners. May they realise that each person they serve is precious to you Jesus. Encourage them to keep up the good work.

Lord I pray for the pro-vision team – G, D, c and S. Inspire the whole church to get involved in one of the 3 areas of ministry. Eph 2:10 good works god prepared in advance for us. May we willingly and joyfully do them and may your will be done here God.

Lord I pray for the married couples in our church, may you bless them and may marriage be properly valued here. Sorry God that we have let the value of Christian marriage slip out of our minds. Thank you God for marriage and for married couples in this community. Help those under stress. May each couple show unconditional love for each other, kindness and compassion, gentleness and grace.
Please bless and protect all marriages, especially Christian marriages. Increase their faith, may they take time to pray together, read your word together and that the men would be heads as you are head of the church.

Please keep marriages faithful and pure and may they be full of integrity, honesty and honour. Restore broken relationships and broken lines of communication.

May married couples have grace to forgive each other quickly when stress arises.

Lord , most of all, I pray for unity. Please God increase our unity, increase our love for you and for each other . Thank you for the unity we already have, protect it and bless it.

In Jesus name I pray all these things, joining together as part of the February 24 hours of prayer.


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