You are the greatest


Father in heaven,

Your love is the greatest Jesus, you died to save me.
Lord help me to respect you and others tomorrow at work and after. Help me to demonstrate my love for you and that my love for others is greater than love/concern for myself.
Please God help me to get up early, have a productive day in work and to get ready in good time and drive safely home to meet !. Bless him in his work and protect him as he drives too. Thank you for him!
Thank you for L and l and the pizza we shared last night. Please give me the opportunity soon to repay them!
Lord bless C and help me to be an encouragement to her when I meet her on sat.
Draw T, J, D, d and J all nearer and nearer to you every day.
And make me a woman after your own heart, more and more like Jesus.

Give me wisdom as I get to know !.

Bless you God.
You are wonderful.

Your will be done,
Your kingdom come,
All power and glory are yours.


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