Jesus you’re all this heart is living for.


Dear God,

You are absolutely everything I ever need. If you are with us, then what could be against us? You are astonishing, you never cease to amaze me with your blessings, your presence, your encouragement. Thank you for your joy!

Jesus you are the one way to heaven. Thank you that it doesn’t depend on my good works, cuz then I would have no hope!

Sorry for being self centred all the time, sorry for being more concerned with my dates than I am with spending time with you, sorry for holding a grudge against my old boss, sorry for holding a grudge against my roommate and sorry for being grumpy to my dad. Sorry for worrying so much about meeting my date’s friends.

Thank you Lord that it went well, I really enjoyed it, his friends are lovely! Lord he seems a bit easily stressed! Would we really make a good pair?! I’m not sure! He is a complete sweetheart though, held my hand and warmed it up!

Thank you God for my great job, getting to help elderly people, it is a gift! Thank you for it! Thank you for blessing me. Thank you for making me feel better when I had a headache and when I felt wheezy. Thank you for the dear clients and colleagues I have the privilege of working with!

Please God help them through their period of recovery. Please give me Godly wisdom and spiritual understanding. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit, please mould me, break me if need be, use me Jesus however you want to do your will in my community. Open my eyes to see things from your perspective. Make me less and less self centred and more and more Outward focused on Jesus and other peoples needs!

Lord please help J to feel confident for next week, may he not dread the performances but look forward to them, make the most of them and try to relax and enjoy them. Please help j’s wrist heal. Help him to respect his gf and to treat her as your bride. Lord help t not be homesick, draw L to yourself, may she read your word and may it touch her heart and soul. Protect D in his work and driving and bless dad and encourage him, fill him with the Holy Spirit. In Jesus ‘s name I pray. Amen.


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