Countless second chances



I adore you. I worship you. I honour you. I glorify you.

You are king of kings, you are my best friend, you are closer than a brother.

Sorry God for being infatuated with other people, problems and even potential problems. Sorry for idolising romantic interests. Sorry for being selfish. Sorry for being intolerant.

Thank you for giving me free will, even when I make wrong choices. Thank you for loving me. Thanks for providing for me. Thank you for helping me and making me smile. Thank you for you. Thank you for food to fill me. Thank you for friends to entertain me and keep me accountable. Thank you for forgiving me and gracing me with countless second chances.

Please Lord help me to glorify you every moment of my life. Please Lord teach me how to really follow Jesus and love him deeply. Please inspire me, fill me with the Holy Spirit to overflowing and keep me from evil and disaster. Enlarge my territory and make me prosperous, spiritually, not financially, make me fruitful and bless me richly.

Keep my friend safe as she goes on holidays for two weeks. Keep my friends safe at the hen party. Protect my family as they go about their daily work. Give them joy and peace and a desire to know you more. Bless the fella I’m seeing at the moment, help me to properly respect him and not rush things. Bless my patients and keep them safe.

In Jesus mighty name I ask all these things.
May only your will be done.


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