Better than I know myself!


Dear God please help me now this morning.

God you are awesome. You know everything. You make all things work together for your purposes. You know me better than I know myself.

Sorry God for telling lies, for being concerned about things that don’t matter, eternity is far more important. Sorry God for being lazy and self obsessed.

Thank you God for Sarah helping me out yesterday, thank you for how well everyone did in the production this week. Thank you that you love me. Thank you for your gift to me. Thank you for my friend and her friends who I am going to the hen party with.

Please help me now to pack everything I need, for my clothes to dry on time and that I’d remember to pack all I need, please help me to get ready nice and quickly now so that I have time to prepare dinner before I leave. Please God make me better if it is your will for me to go on this weekend. Why did I feel so dizzy and have the sweats this morning? I had to lie down on the ground til I felt better!? If I am too ill to go to the party, I don’t mind. Please just clearly show me before I leave/in the next 2 hours.

Lord may we not drink excessively, just be merry and friendly and celebrate the big day coming up soon. Keep us all safe driving, flying and in all the activities. Lord help me, I need you. I’m nervous!

Also I pray for the mission tonight and tomorrow night, may you soften ppls heart that don’t know you yet that they would attend and have the courage to respond to your call. Thank you for the girl who got saved. That is so precious and makes it all worthwhile! Bless her richly, and help the speaker to listen to you and loud and clear tell the people whatever you want said.

Bless me abundantly please.
In Jesus name


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