The King is enthralled by your beauty


Dear God

I adore you, I’m consumed by you, you are the only thing worth living for, everything in the universe revolves around you, you hold it together, you made everything beautiful. You are holy and worthy of all praise Jesus.

Sorry Lord for lying, for being disrespectful, for trying to lead others into temptation, for being selfish, self centred and lazy. And behaving like the only thing that matters is what I think is best, what I do, say, think, who I’m with, where I go.

Please forgive me Lord for the things I should have done but didn’t – like washing up, writing reports in better time, housework and witnessing.

Thank you heavenly Father for my job, my boyfriend, family, car, health, food, church, friends, bible and work mates. Thank you especially for forgiveness, love, mercy, hope, joy and the Holy Spirit’s comfort and guidance.

Please God help me, do you want me to be in a relationship with your son ….? Would we make a good married couple? Good parents? Best friends? Could we honour you, respect each other and serve you and our community together? Can we encourage eachother to grow in faith closer to you, rather than having lives that just revolve around each other? Can both of us keep you number one in our lives? Please Lord though help me not to be so caught up in analysing the relationship. We haven’t kissed yet and that seems to be the main thing on my mind lately. Sorry! I need to wise up!

Please Lord I pray for my three best friends who don’t know you. May they hear you clearly knocking on the door of their hearts, may they open to you and also may I openly shine the light of Jesus before them. Give me boldness, open my eyes to see you and may I be willing to risk everything for what is important in eternity. Give me boldness to serve you without hesitation.

You are good! Mould me to be more and more like Jesus.

Bless my boyfriend and help us to keep taking this slowly. We’re still getting to know each other and I pray that we don’t get too emotionally attaches to each other too soon, there is no rush. You know I long for intimacy but that will come at the right time, may I be patient and more than anything else I want to desire an intimate relationship with you and be a true friend to the really needy.

In Jesus’ name



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