All things work together…


O God,

How awesome you are.
Jesus you are my rock.
My sure foundation.
I am nothing without you.
Thank you for answering my prayer yest morning so I didn’t run out of diesel on the motorway in rush hour! Thank you Father.

Sorry for not reading your word regularly. It is my souls bread. I am beyond hunger now!
Ttyl. Please bless me and help me now get to training on time. Ta. Bless jek too lord.

God should I move in with my friend CM? Or should I stick it out where I am..?
I don’t want to put any strain on my friendship with cm.

Lord thank you for my friends and family, I pray that Ciara would come to understand how much you love her. Please Jesus!

God help me get all the necessary work done in the next three days, it feels impossible to be honest, but I know you can help me and I can only prioritise as much as I can.

God you are terrific! Why do you love me?!? I love you because you first loved me. You made me and you are truly good, pure and beautiful.

I bless your name Jesus, king of kings.
Thank you for everything.
Help me to really live for you boldly and confidently.

In your name I pray Jesus,


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