It’s all about you <3


Oh my!

What a day!

Thank you for answering prayer God.
And thank you that sometimes you don’t !

You are in control and I trust you.

You know me better than I know myself.

You are better than my wildest dreams!
You made the whole universe. You are mighty!

How can it be that you want us to know you personally!?

Jesus you are my everything. You are Lord of all.

Jesus thank you for dying for me even though you know I don’t deserve it and never could deserve it! Thank you for loving me even more than my parents do or any parents could love their child.

Sorry God for being judgemental.
Sorry God for being pre-occupied with myself.
Sorry God for not being loving to others.

Make me more like you Jesus.

You are wonderful.

You are powerful.

You are my firm foundation.

Thank you for holding me in the palm of your hand, for kissing the top of my head and comforting me every day and every night of my life. Even when I mess up so bad.

Help me to love others and to love you before myself.
Thanks for helping me be efficient with my work today.
You are so good to me. Bless me more! Amen xx


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