What a Saviour!


Lord God
You are worthy to receive all praise, honour, glory, majesty and esteem!
You are above all.

You are higher that anything in the world.
You are greater than my best ideas.

You are so good to me, every day, even when I ignore you.
You are my best friend ever.

Sorry God for bring bad.
Sorry God for putting myself first.
Sorry God for worrying instead of trusting you.
Sorry God for belittling other people.
Sorry God for being a rubbish witness!

Thank you Lord for lovely food, time with friends, good weather, time off work and caring family. Thank you for your grace, your patience and your ongoing provision.

Thank you for good health, warm clothes, dear relationships, a rewarding job and a committed local church. Thank you for fresh, clean water to drink, cook with and wash in.

Please Jesus help my friends in their work, help my bf decide if he wants to do his course, heal my friend and fill her with your Holy Spirit, joy, peace and energy.
Please help me to do my best in work tomorrow for all my patients and work mates benefit.
Please help me to read your word regularly to feed my soul and keep growing in my faith.
Bless my Sunday school class and draw them closer to you every day.
Protect and bless my bf and our families and may we honour and glorify you above ourselves and above all.

In Jesus name I pray,
Amen 🙂


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