How wonderful you are. Thank you for the Holy Spirit to direct us.
You are compassionate, trustworthy, praiseworthy and kind.
You are fair, holy, righteous and true. You are alive. You mean so much to me, I can always talk to you and you are always with me. Thank you.

Sorry God for conforming to the patterns of this world. Sorry for not allowing you to transform me every day. Sorry for not getting all my work done yesterday. Sorry for going too fast. Sorry for always wanting everything my way, instead of putting others first.

Thank you for your amazing grace, thank you for suffering and dying for me Jesus. Thank you for your great mercy and your daily comfort, protection and help. Thank you for giving me hope, joy and peace.

Please God heal s’s gran. Please heal c’s heart. Please restore j’s voice. Help the whole team this evening on the last night to be confident, remember their parts and enjoy it. Please help me work efficiently today, please help me maintain a good habit of spending quiet time with you every day, reading your word and praying, even at the weekends when I’m away. I pray for our clients – please bless them and draw them into meaningful relationship with you. Restore them to full health.

God may your will be done, not mine. You know best.
Help me to trust you and share with others unreservedly.

You are good all the time!



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