Live life hands on like Jesus


O God

Thank you so much for helping me today…. I would have messed up big time without you!

I slept in, phone ran outta battery so missed three calls, ran outta credit then took three attempts to top up. Missed breakfast and lunch.

But thank you God because you woke me up in time, the three people left me voicemail messages and I got my cereal and a banana after work.

Lord help me to not idolise facebook… Actually think I should delete my fb app for a while! I check it every day, it’s usually the first thing I do and often I don’t even open my bible.

Sorry God for losing touch with you and with my community and even my housemate. Social media can mean we spend hours in company but feeling lonely, not having eye contact.

Help me to see things the way you do, and to show real love, like you Jesus.

I want go to become more like you, living life hands on.

Thinking I’ll go out for a wee jog in the park now, instead of sitting here on my bedroom floor, in an empty house, staring at an ipad. God give me boldness to see the endless opportunities in front of me. Thank you for the conversation about heaven and You earlier today with a patient’s parent. Bless them, heal them, strengthen their faith and show them your deep deep love.

God you are wonderful.
Jesus you are mighty.


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