Make me humble – though please be gentle!


Dear Heavenly Father

You are good, you are kind, you are patient, you are faithful, you are generous, you are my rock, my saviour and my master, lord and friend.

Sorry God for not spending quality time alone in prayer with you. Sorry for not putting u as my top priority, sorry for putting myself first. Sorry for laughing at vulgar jokes yesterday and sorry for being judgemental today.

Thank you for forgiving me already. Thank you for not turning your face away from me. Thank you for your gentle patience. Thank you that I am the apple of your eye.

Please God my my not-yet-Christian friends come to know you soon, help me to be bold and openly share about how you have changed my whole life. Please heal my patients, comfort them and their families and draw them into your amazing love. Bless my boyfriend, his parents and grandparents, my dad and our brothers.

Bless us abundantly and help us to share it with others in need.

In Jesus mighty name I pray.



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