Jesus still heals


My Lord Jesus Christ,

I adore you for you loved me first!
You are faithful, you are good, you know me better than I know myself.
You are the best in the whole world. You rule!

Sorry God for being so selfish, for pretending to be better than I am, for being self-righteous, for seeking my own pleasure and for putting myself first so frequently. Lord I want to seek to please you!

Thank you Lord for your grace, your mercy, your love and your fairness.
Thank you for helping me in the interview even though I didn’t get the job.
Thank you for always being with me, sorry that i hurt you on sat morning.
Thank you for your word, please help me understand it as I read a few passages.

Please God grant G a safe journey home.
Heal C’s neck.
Soothe D’s itchy skin and sore neck.
Help Jd and S with their finances.
Help Je get the job you want for him.
Help the hurting people in Gaza/Palestine/Israel and also Iraq.
Save them. Have mercy. Intercept please! Bring peace.
Help me decide what to do this weekend – stay in because my bf is busy or go out without him?!

Lord you definitely know best.
May your will be done.
Fill me with your Holy Spirit.
In Jesus name. Amen.


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