Thank you but help me more!

Dear God

I adore you because you are worthy, you are good, holy, lovely, creative, compassionate, dangerous, exciting, faithful, honourable, infallible, joy giving, kind, loyal, mighty, near, open, patient, rock, saviour, trustworthy, unfathomable, victorious, wise, all-knowing and better than anything.

I confess that I am judgemental, proud, lying, lazy, disrespectful, false humility, self-righteous, self-glorifying, selfish, self-gratifying, self-centred, disobedient, inpatient, unforgiving, unfaithful and lacking self control.

Thank you for assurance, beautiful countryside, dying for me, E, food, grace, holding me in the palm of your hand, intimately knowing me, Js, kindness, Ly, making me, never leaving, or forsaking me, pandas, R j, staff at work, time to spend with you, vision of the church, wise church leaders, keeping me safe and thank you for my car.

Please God bless ly, Sy, Ca and Ly.

Please heal Jn’s headache.
Please heal dad’s sore back.
Please heal hd. And ge.

Please prepare me for going to s.A.
Please help me do my ksf.
Please help me revise for OPD.
Please bless me richly.

I love you.


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