Hello again!


Sorry God,

Its been a long time since I’ve sat down and wrote to you.

You know where I’ve been!

You know everything. You are powerful. I adore you! You are incredible. You are the main thing in my life. You are my joy-giver. You satisfy me. You are the best.

Sorry God for being so busy lately. Keeping myself busy, wasting time on fb. Sorry God for being so proud. Thank you for humbling me big style when we went to the orphanage last month.

Thank you God for the awesome welcome we got. Thank you Jesus for loving me. Thank you for keeping me safe. Thank you for blessing me abundantly. Thank you for boosting me when I need it. Thank you for being an incredible father. Thank you for always being close to me, even when I run away from you, I only need to turn back to you.

Please God show me where you want me to live… Show me the next step you want me to take every day Lord. Please heal my dad’s burning neck, my friends chronic fatigue and bless my bf and his family.

I love you! Jesus you are good. Amen.


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