Show me how to pray…


Jesus you rule.

I am so glad.
Lord you know everything.
I have only experienced the tip of the iceberg.
You made the entire universe.
You are perfect.
Sorry God for my silly jealousy.
Sorry God for my persistent self centredness.
Sorry Lord for my massive pride.
Thank you for the lady who told me I have a big ego…Bless her!
Thank you for my wonderful bf.
Thank you for his sweet kindness to me.
Thank you for my rewarding job.
Thank you for loving me unconditionally and more than I’ll ever know.
Thank you that I can count on you every time.
Please God show me how to pray.
Do I ask you to heal mrK’s tumour?
Or that the surgery would go well?
I don’t have a clue.
But most importantly of all – draw him closer to you.
Please strengthen and comfort Mgt on the death of her dad.
Please bless my bestie in her new job and new home.
And please help me find a mortgage – may your will be done.
You know what is next.
I’m glad I don’t!
Thank you Jesus.


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