Each of us are God’s masterpiece!

Lord God.. I’ve been having some unhelpful thoughts recently…actually probably 10 months or more…(since I’ve been together with my new bf)….I think it’s related to low self esteem…so I’m going to write them down then think what advice I would give to a friend if she was feeling that way…

It’s too good to be true.
I’m not good enough for him.
He deserves better than me.
He’s better looking than me.

💖 He loves you!
💗 You are special.
💕 You are the best person I know!
💓 You are pretty, you have a great figure, you have lovely skin.
💘 You are so good together. You are a good match!

My bf isn’t perfect, he will let me down, he will disappoint me at some stage, we will disagree on something, he will hurt my feelings at times but that’s normal!

God is the only one who is always faithful, whose love endures forever, you loves unconditionally and who never gives up. He alone is perfectly good!

He loves me.
I am special.
I am accepted the way I am.
I am pretty, I have a good figure, I have clear skin.
We make a great team! 🙂


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