Bare your heart to God

Almighty father in heaven – I pray for jm, show her that it’s all about Jesus.
He is the only one worth living for.
May she truly want to learn from him. Let him show you his love.
He’s where we need to centre our purpose, trust and life.
Bless her, fill her with joy, heal her and make her whole again.

Encourage Wm, draw him to you, fill him with your Holy Spirit.


I pray for A. May she see how real you are, real and near and full of unconditional love for her. Bless her God. Prevent fortune tellers having an influence on her life. Protect her and touch her heart.

I pray for S, encourage her in her work, may your will be done regarding the western trust waiting list.

God I pray for * as he considers starting his own business. May your will be done. Direct him, enlarge his territory, protect him and bless him richly. Fill him with your purpose, Holy Spirit and joy

In your name
I pray


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