show me how to show sensitivity

Dear God!
You are the best, you are good. You are great! You are awesome in power. You are victorious.

Sorry God for fantasising about wrong things. Sorry God for not taking time to speak to you. Sorry God for not putting Jn before myself. Sorry God for always putting myself first.

Thank you for being such a loving father. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you that you know all about me. Thank you that you always know what is best. Thank you for giving your darling son to set us free. Thank you for being unbelievable gracious and generous!

Please God I pray for Js – may he see Je through your eyes. May him and S be happy to have her in their family. Lord soften his heart, help him to pray for her and to see the good in her and to appreciate her part in dad’s life. Lord help him to respect and honour dad in this matter. Please give me wisdom, sensitivity and guidance in how to bring it up and deal with it soon and well. Bless J and Sn’s relationship, may they serve each other and love each other and together seek you with all of their being. May dad and Je’s relationship gradually grow to please you more and more and be a better example for us.

Please God I pray for Jn! He is under a lot of pressure at the moment in church, with work, and I don’t want to add any more on him! Please may I be a good helper for him. Lord help him in church, to do all he does for you. That you would fill him with the Holy Spirit and show him how much you love him. He is the apple of your eye. Lord bless him in his work, may your will be done. Put in his heart godly desires, may he know where you want him to be and if you want him to set up his own business and if so where. Clearly show him and support him. Increase his spiritual gifts especially prophecy and increase his fruits of the spirit especially joy! Bless him and his whole family abundantly. May his mum and dad’s relationship with each other glorify you and be a good example for Jn and I.

Lord thank you so much for helping me finish and submit my job application on Thursday – the day before it was due! šŸ™‚ God thank you for showing me the job advert and helping my write my application and get referees. Lord may your will be done, not mine. May I get an interview if that is what you want and may I get a band*job if that is your will. I know it isn’t something I need. You provide all my needs. Thank you for my brothers being so willing to lend me money when I was so short! Please help me to be a better steward of my finances and to pay D back fully and more.

Lord do you want me to go skiing after x?
Lord do you want me to go to Dublin on the train with L?
Lord where do you want me to live in O?
Lord what do you want me to give as a wedding gift?
Lord how can I be a blessing to Jn?

I need you to direct my paths my Lord Jesus please.


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