How do you love me!?

God you are my provider, you are my lover, you are my mercy giver. How do you love me so much? Why did you make me? Jesus how did you endure so much hatred, rejection and suffering for me?

Sorry Lord for all the gossiping I have been doing, sorry for the white lie I was planning to tell my friend, sorry for thinking lustfully about my dear boyfriend. Sorry Lord for being over sensitive at work last week and letting that affect my productivity.

Thank you God for the summer scheme in work starting tomorrow. Please help me remember what to do. Bless the little children through me and my workmates.
Thank you for making dad feel better on Friday night and yesterday.

Thank you for the lovely weather yesterday and the good walk I had with Li. Please God bless her and draw her to you. Lord please help me to see opportunities to speak about you as they arise rather than ages after they’ve passed.

Lord please help me to not be selfish about my time with my boyfriend , help me to put him first, his needs and wants and preferences even though that is so unnatural for me to do. The first thing I usually want to do is be in control, state my ideas, my preferences and get my way. But God I want to respect and honour him and I know you are using him to lead and guide me. Thank you God! Help me to trust you. I love you Lord Jesus, Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit. You are good. And your love endures forever. How great is that?!


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