End of an era

Lord you are so good to me. You are mighty. You are eternal. You are creative. You are in charge of everything Jesus.
Sorry God that I argued with my brother T yesterday. Sorry that I was short with bf. Sorry Lord that I am selfish.
Thank you for my gorgeous nephew! Thank you for the good price that m fixed my car for me! Thank you for my friends and my dad and for Bf and his family. Thank you for my brothers.
Please God heal g soon! Please lord she needs your help. God restore her health, spirit and mind. Help her. Bless her.
Lord I pray for J – bless him as he grows into a young man to closely follow you Jesus. Help S and J to love eachother, j and most of all You! May they be a good example to him and seek your will for their lives.
Bring dad, js, and bf’s¬†grandparents into a close, personal relationship with you. Give them godly wisdom, fill them with your Holy Spirit, bring spiritual revival here!
Lord please help me to prepare for my new job over the next couple of days. Please help me to be productive in my work, to take breaks to get housework done in between and to not get distracted as I so easily do. Direct me. I need your help. Bless me and keep me from feeling overwhelmed. I love you Lord


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