How do you love me!?

God you are my provider, you are my lover, you are my mercy giver. How do you love me so much? Why did you make me? Jesus how did you endure so much hatred, rejection and suffering for me?

Sorry Lord for all the gossiping I have been doing, sorry for the white lie I was planning to tell my friend, sorry for thinking lustfully about my dear boyfriend. Sorry Lord for being over sensitive at work last week and letting that affect my productivity.

Thank you God for the summer scheme in work starting tomorrow. Please help me remember what to do. Bless the little children through me and my workmates.
Thank you for making dad feel better on Friday night and yesterday.

Thank you for the lovely weather yesterday and the good walk I had with Li. Please God bless her and draw her to you. Lord please help me to see opportunities to speak about you as they arise rather than ages after they’ve passed.

Lord please help me to not be selfish about my time with my boyfriend , help me to put him first, his needs and wants and preferences even though that is so unnatural for me to do. The first thing I usually want to do is be in control, state my ideas, my preferences and get my way. But God I want to respect and honour him and I know you are using him to lead and guide me. Thank you God! Help me to trust you. I love you Lord Jesus, Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit. You are good. And your love endures forever. How great is that?!


show me how to show sensitivity

Dear God!
You are the best, you are good. You are great! You are awesome in power. You are victorious.

Sorry God for fantasising about wrong things. Sorry God for not taking time to speak to you. Sorry God for not putting Jn before myself. Sorry God for always putting myself first.

Thank you for being such a loving father. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you that you know all about me. Thank you that you always know what is best. Thank you for giving your darling son to set us free. Thank you for being unbelievable gracious and generous!

Please God I pray for Js – may he see Je through your eyes. May him and S be happy to have her in their family. Lord soften his heart, help him to pray for her and to see the good in her and to appreciate her part in dad’s life. Lord help him to respect and honour dad in this matter. Please give me wisdom, sensitivity and guidance in how to bring it up and deal with it soon and well. Bless J and Sn’s relationship, may they serve each other and love each other and together seek you with all of their being. May dad and Je’s relationship gradually grow to please you more and more and be a better example for us.

Please God I pray for Jn! He is under a lot of pressure at the moment in church, with work, and I don’t want to add any more on him! Please may I be a good helper for him. Lord help him in church, to do all he does for you. That you would fill him with the Holy Spirit and show him how much you love him. He is the apple of your eye. Lord bless him in his work, may your will be done. Put in his heart godly desires, may he know where you want him to be and if you want him to set up his own business and if so where. Clearly show him and support him. Increase his spiritual gifts especially prophecy and increase his fruits of the spirit especially joy! Bless him and his whole family abundantly. May his mum and dad’s relationship with each other glorify you and be a good example for Jn and I.

Lord thank you so much for helping me finish and submit my job application on Thursday – the day before it was due! 🙂 God thank you for showing me the job advert and helping my write my application and get referees. Lord may your will be done, not mine. May I get an interview if that is what you want and may I get a band*job if that is your will. I know it isn’t something I need. You provide all my needs. Thank you for my brothers being so willing to lend me money when I was so short! Please help me to be a better steward of my finances and to pay D back fully and more.

Lord do you want me to go skiing after x?
Lord do you want me to go to Dublin on the train with L?
Lord where do you want me to live in O?
Lord what do you want me to give as a wedding gift?
Lord how can I be a blessing to Jn?

I need you to direct my paths my Lord Jesus please.


Plank in my eye!

Lord you are true, pure, holy and perfect, righteous, all-knowing and fair.

Sorry God for how I’ve indulged myself in the second rate crap that the world offers, satan’s counterfeit. Sorry God that I have been blind to my own sins and focused on my dear brothers sin. Please forgive me Lord. May I only speak well of him and all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank you God for the great week I’ve had, thank you for helping me get those reports done in work. Thank you for helping me get up to date with my notes. Thank you for the beautiful walk on the beach that I got with my bff on wed night! 6 miles!

Please God show me if you want me to go to new wine after work tonight? What should I do? Should I try to stay over night? Or just go anyway? Show me clearly please!

Lord bless my bf through the service tonight! Speak to him, fill him with your Holy Spirit! Lord I do want to be there! Am I wise? Is it reasonable?

Guide me.

I ask in Jesus’s name. Amen


Bare your heart to God

Almighty father in heaven – I pray for jm, show her that it’s all about Jesus.
He is the only one worth living for.
May she truly want to learn from him. Let him show you his love.
He’s where we need to centre our purpose, trust and life.
Bless her, fill her with joy, heal her and make her whole again.

Encourage Wm, draw him to you, fill him with your Holy Spirit.


I pray for A. May she see how real you are, real and near and full of unconditional love for her. Bless her God. Prevent fortune tellers having an influence on her life. Protect her and touch her heart.

I pray for S, encourage her in her work, may your will be done regarding the western trust waiting list.

God I pray for * as he considers starting his own business. May your will be done. Direct him, enlarge his territory, protect him and bless him richly. Fill him with your purpose, Holy Spirit and joy

In your name
I pray


Broken record

Dear God
You are holy, your motives are totally pure. Not like me – even my best deeds are like filthy rags to you!

God why do I feel so upset about not seeing my bf more?
Yesterday I was hoping to drop over to his house in the afternoon but he said 7pm suited him better. I was feeling annoyed… But then felt guilty last night because he said the reason was that he felt sick! Oops!

Last week i felt disappointed because I told him we hadn’t got much time together just the 2 of us and then the next day his family made a wee comment about it which I felt was a dig towards me.

Lord I am complaining and I know I shouldn’t because you have blessed me abundantly!

Thank you for my lovely friends, sweet, caring boyfriend, generous family, good boss and fantastic job! Thank you that I’m getting to church this morning. Please bless me today as I’m oncall, may my phone battery last long enough!

I bless you Jesus for providing for me continually! Much better than I look after myself!!!
Fill me up with your Holy Spirit and direct my paths. Bless * and keep him well and whole! I love you Lord. Forgive me for my many complaints, I’m sure you get tired hearing them.. I’m like a broken record, yet you still love me unconditionally, help me to be like that too!

Everything has changed lately – getting kicked out of my room, finding new digs, doing a new job, leaving small group, moving to the seaside! It’s for the better I guess…just would love it more if there was a small group for my age here. Please Lord may I find one soon!

In Jesus name I pray! Amen


Show me what you want

Dear God

You are awesome. You reign. You are eternal. You are my closest friend ever.
Sorry Lord for being jealous of my friends. Sorry Lord for not being wise with my money.
Thank you God for giving me so much. Thank you for helping me with the test yesterday.
Please Father show me if you want me to go on the small group weekend away – without J. Please God give me the words to say this evening about the trip to South Africa. Holy Spirit inspire me and may I glorify you alone through my attitude, words and actions.

In Jesus mighty name i pray.


When worries overwhelm…

These are three truths I love to remind myself how trustworthy God is…

Ephesians 3:20 New Century Version (NCV):

20 With God’s power working in us, God can do much, much more than anything we can ask or imagine.

Romans 8:28 (NIV):

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Job 5:8-9New Century Version (NCV):

8 “But if I were you, I would call on God
and bring my problem before him.
9 God does wonders that cannot be understood;
he does so many miracles they cannot be counted.