Plank in my eye!

Lord you are true, pure, holy and perfect, righteous, all-knowing and fair.

Sorry God for how I’ve indulged myself in the second rate crap that the world offers, satan’s counterfeit. Sorry God that I have been blind to my own sins and focused on my dear brothers sin. Please forgive me Lord. May I only speak well of him and all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank you God for the great week I’ve had, thank you for helping me get those reports done in work. Thank you for helping me get up to date with my notes. Thank you for the beautiful walk on the beach that I got with my bff on wed night! 6 miles!

Please God show me if you want me to go to new wine after work tonight? What should I do? Should I try to stay over night? Or just go anyway? Show me clearly please!

Lord bless my bf through the service tonight! Speak to him, fill him with your Holy Spirit! Lord I do want to be there! Am I wise? Is it reasonable?

Guide me.

I ask in Jesus’s name. Amen