End of an era

Lord you are so good to me. You are mighty. You are eternal. You are creative. You are in charge of everything Jesus.
Sorry God that I argued with my brother T yesterday. Sorry that I was short with bf. Sorry Lord that I am selfish.
Thank you for my gorgeous nephew! Thank you for the good price that m fixed my car for me! Thank you for my friends and my dad and for Bf and his family. Thank you for my brothers.
Please God heal g soon! Please lord she needs your help. God restore her health, spirit and mind. Help her. Bless her.
Lord I pray for J – bless him as he grows into a young man to closely follow you Jesus. Help S and J to love eachother, j and most of all You! May they be a good example to him and seek your will for their lives.
Bring dad, js, and bf’s grandparents into a close, personal relationship with you. Give them godly wisdom, fill them with your Holy Spirit, bring spiritual revival here!
Lord please help me to prepare for my new job over the next couple of days. Please help me to be productive in my work, to take breaks to get housework done in between and to not get distracted as I so easily do. Direct me. I need your help. Bless me and keep me from feeling overwhelmed. I love you Lord


Pretty as a picture


Heavenly Father

Sorry for disobeying my dad, I confess to you that I regularly disobey him and lie to him, please help me to stop and start obeying him and being honest to him.

Only you Jesus give me the power to change.

God you are good, your love endures forever, your faithfulness never ends, you are my saviour, redeemer and friend – closer than a brother.

You allow bad things to happen, but you bring good out of them somehow. All things work together for the good of those who love you, who are called according to your purpose. (Romans 8:28)

That is tremendously reassuring! No matter what happens you can turn it around to bring glory to Jesus.

One day every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. I just pray that my friends wouldn’t leave it til it’s too late.

Lord thank you for giving tk his job which he loves, what an answer to prayer. Thank you for my job and the satisfaction it gives me! Thank you also for answering Jonathan’s prayer for a girlfriend! Could it really be me!? 🙂

God thank you for my dad – I do love him and want to obey him. May I put my words into action. And honour him the way you want me to.

Bless jk in his relationship and direct his paths. Thank you for helping me in work today and please help me tomorrow to be smart, efficient, wise and caring.

In Jesus’ mighty name I ask


Go gently

Imagehello God

You are pure, you are holy, you are true, you are fabulous, you are tremendous, you are fantastic, you are lovely, you are my God, my best friend, closer than a brother, I love you.

Jesus thank you for saving me. I am not worthy, I continually offend you, day after day. Cleanse me, make me whiter than snow, create a new heart in me.

Last night that guy and I met up for coffee, I sort of think the conversation was slightly more awkward than last time, but I definitely like him, he is thoughtful, hint of humour but not over the top or obnoxious, he is humble but confident. Lord bless him with his work and choices and decisions, lead him exactly where you have planned. Thank you for his generosity to me again. Help me not to play games, but to realise that I might not be his type! Let me down gently God! He’s talked a couple of times about one of my friends, I think I should put in a good word with her. Maybe that is all he wants. She is a great girl. I would be more than happy for her if they paired up!

Lord I better get up and ready for church now. Open my heart to your voice and soften my heart to respond.

Speak soon.