Have a merry little Christmas.



Hope our celebrations were pleasing in your sight.
Thank you for all the food, fun and gifts we got to generously give and receive.
Jesus praise you, for your ultimate gift, thank you that we can know you and that you want to know us.

Sorry Lord for the usual arguments, sorry Lord for the bad attitudes, hostile thoughts, hasty words and hurtful and selfish actions. How do you put up with me?
The more I try to be good, the more I fail!
Thank you that it is through your death on the cross that I am saved, not anything I could try to do.
God you are so generous, your gifts are even better than the lovely, thoughtful ones I received today.

Please bless my family, my friends, my work mates and clients.
May your will be done and your purposes lived out by us.
Lord I especially pray for the sick tonight, please heal them, and my church leaders, please encourage, edify and fill them to brimming over with your Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ name


…the rocks will cry out!


So Lord this week I was at the canteen with a group of people I don’t know and the topics of creation, evolution, the true meaning of Christmas and religion not being taught in school all came up. And what did I do? Kept my mouth shut! Seriously!?! What is wrong with me?
Why did I not speak up for you Jesus!??

If we keep quiet, the stones will cry out! (Luke 19v40)

Give me boldness, wisdom, and enthusiasm to share about you every day. Sorry for worrying what other people will think about me. Eternity is far more important!

Change me, mould me. Fill me Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ mighty name.


Inequality is awful


O Lord,

I’ve posted my application. May your will be done.

Last night I watched The Butler in the cinema. It’s crazy how black people were treated, and not that long ago either, separate seating in cafés, lower wages, no promotions, no rights.

Then I started thinking about us here today, separate schools for Roman Catholic and Protestant children. How shocking is that? Segregation still going on. Do I really want my children to grow up in that kind of divided environment?

Are there issues like this going on in every country? Hate in every family, every home, every person. What about love? Friendship. The Good Samaritan. WWJD. Charities…

Please God help me not to turn a blind eye when I see (or hear of) injustice, inequality, racism or sectarianism. God help me to do what Jesus did. You don’t look at outward appearance, you look at the heart. Please help me to see the best in everyone I come into contact with.

Sorry God for procrastinating. Sorry for not reading your word lately, or speaking to you as often recently. Help me to spend more time with you Jesus. Fill me up with your Holy Spirit, set a fire down in my soul, renew my love for you. I want to come fully back to you.

Thank you for your faithfulness and your provision, open my eyes to see the world as you see it and give me spiritual wisdom and godly understanding to realise creative solutions to the issues around me.

Christmas is coming. The season of celebrating your awesome provision.
May we celebrate your birthday appropriately and joyfully!
I love you.