I am like the prostitute

Wow Jesus!

I have been thinking about the prophet in bible times – Hosea and how God told him to marry a prostitute and how it was to show God’s people how much he loves them… Even though we ignore him, turn away from him, do what we want and leave him time after time, he still chooses to love us unconditionally and pursues us and forgives us. Thank you for all the second chances and that even though I’ve let you down so many times you still forgive me and love me. Help me to understand your love – real love. Help me to love others the way you love me, help me to forgive them over and over again, the way you keep forgiving me. Sorry for hurting you so much and also hurting my family.

Thank you so much for your grace and redeeming love.



The greatest love


O God

How’s it going? What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts of me?
That I’m beautiful?
That is hard to take in!

What have I done? Am I selfish?
How would I be content in an LDR?!
I hope I haven’t offended R.
What do you think Heavenly Father ?
Help me to be careful and sensitive, open minded but realistic.

Lord, Holy Spirit, please help me to focus now as I read your word.
Thank you that your word speaks to me, it is living, it is like a double edged sword.

Please may your will be done in my life. Protect me, protect R.
Bless us and show us your ways. Direct us and lead us clearly.
Sorry for making a mess.
I need you God.
Thank you for your grace.

You died for me. There is no love greater than that.
And now you are alive and you rule !
Jesus Christ king of kings
Glory to you! Amen, amen, amen.