Shaken but determined

Dear God
I had a horrid argument with someone very close to me and it was so stressful I could feel my heart pounding, myself shaking, sweating suddenly and all I wanted to do was run. 😦
Lord please help me to move forward now. My mind keeps replaying snippets of what was said.

Please help me to forgive and see things how you see them. Lord please may this not be a damper on my whole weekend or week. Lord help me be slow to anger. God take away my arrogance and envy.

Lord thank you for helping me to stop procrastinating yesterday. Thank you for the perfect weather we’ve had this week.

Lord I think I need someone to pray with me. Should I ask the person I argued with, or my bf, or the prayer ministry team? Please Lord fill me up with your Holy Spirit, with godly wisdom and spiritual wisdom.

Restore our trust, friendship and regard for each other. Normally I avoid conflict at all costs – even to a fault! And now I feel shaken, heartbroken and crushed 😦

Lord help me to remember you love me, you made me, I am your child, You are King of Kings, you are my Rock, you are my comforter. I love you and you never leave me, you love me faithfully and unconditionally. Thank you Jesus!



End of an era

Lord you are so good to me. You are mighty. You are eternal. You are creative. You are in charge of everything Jesus.
Sorry God that I argued with my brother T yesterday. Sorry that I was short with bf. Sorry Lord that I am selfish.
Thank you for my gorgeous nephew! Thank you for the good price that m fixed my car for me! Thank you for my friends and my dad and for Bf and his family. Thank you for my brothers.
Please God heal g soon! Please lord she needs your help. God restore her health, spirit and mind. Help her. Bless her.
Lord I pray for J – bless him as he grows into a young man to closely follow you Jesus. Help S and J to love eachother, j and most of all You! May they be a good example to him and seek your will for their lives.
Bring dad, js, and bf’s grandparents into a close, personal relationship with you. Give them godly wisdom, fill them with your Holy Spirit, bring spiritual revival here!
Lord please help me to prepare for my new job over the next couple of days. Please help me to be productive in my work, to take breaks to get housework done in between and to not get distracted as I so easily do. Direct me. I need your help. Bless me and keep me from feeling overwhelmed. I love you Lord


Come back soon Jesus!


1 Corinthians 1:18
For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.


dear heavenly Father,

What a verse! Jesus being crucified does sound like foolishness to the world, but to us – it is the greatest thing ever. Jesus rose from the dead and is alive and he is coming back again to judge the whole world.

Lord I pray for my friend who was in a car crash today please help her, heal her and comfort her as she recovers.

Lord I pray for that lady who told me about her awful childhood. Please God draw her into your love, protect her and bless her.

Lord sorry for losing my passion for you! You are the most real thing in this world. You made it all and you alone give us life and purpose. I love you.

Thank you for helping me in my work. Please bless me and my bf in our relationships with you, our families, our workmates, friendships and each-other.

God help me tonight as I fill this form in. May your will be done. You know what the best plan is! You are the greatest!

Jesus come back soon!!!



What a Saviour!


Lord God
You are worthy to receive all praise, honour, glory, majesty and esteem!
You are above all.

You are higher that anything in the world.
You are greater than my best ideas.

You are so good to me, every day, even when I ignore you.
You are my best friend ever.

Sorry God for bring bad.
Sorry God for putting myself first.
Sorry God for worrying instead of trusting you.
Sorry God for belittling other people.
Sorry God for being a rubbish witness!

Thank you Lord for lovely food, time with friends, good weather, time off work and caring family. Thank you for your grace, your patience and your ongoing provision.

Thank you for good health, warm clothes, dear relationships, a rewarding job and a committed local church. Thank you for fresh, clean water to drink, cook with and wash in.

Please Jesus help my friends in their work, help my bf decide if he wants to do his course, heal my friend and fill her with your Holy Spirit, joy, peace and energy.
Please help me to do my best in work tomorrow for all my patients and work mates benefit.
Please help me to read your word regularly to feed my soul and keep growing in my faith.
Bless my Sunday school class and draw them closer to you every day.
Protect and bless my bf and our families and may we honour and glorify you above ourselves and above all.

In Jesus name I pray,
Amen 🙂


Mustard seed


O Lord Jesus,

Give me faith, even just the size of a mustard seed (Matt 17:20).

O God, heal my little sis, renew her mind and give her her health back and energy. Lord heal my friend’s dad. Lord I pray for my bro, help him as he does without his cigarettes and drugs, help him to keep seeking you and following you every day. May his friends see how you have changed him too and realise that you are real and near and good.

Lord I pray for the three lovely ladies in my small group who were saved recently. Bless them lord, fill them with your Holy Spirit and may their faith continue to grow. Thank you for them, their enthusiasm and their hearts. Bless their partners and families.

God I pray for my flatmate, help her in her coursework and revision, help her to get back to life group. Thanks for the friendships she maintains, bless them and her relationships with her family.

Lord I pray for that lady’s knee, take away the swelling and draw her to her knees as she seeks you. Thank you for her willingness to pray for me, she asked that you would direct me. Yes Christ, please do!

I love you, thank you for this weekend away, what a great opportunity you have given me. Bless you.

Night night God.