whether I like it or not.

Ok God!

What makes you love me? Why do you love us? I can’t understand it?

How can you love me? I ignore you for days then expect to have your undivided attention!

Sorry God! Jesus forgive me for thinking lightly of the sacrifice you made. You took the punishment for every single wrong attitude, thought, word and action I have ever and will continue to do.

Thank you Jesus for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for the interview practise. Thank you for the opportunity and experience. Thank you for providing for all my needs.

Please God help me be less selfish. Help me not to worry or feel disappointed that my bf may leave the country to get a better job soon. Please bless him richly and may your will be done in our lives, whether I like it or not!!!

In Jesus’s name



Jesus be the centre


Jesus said “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10.

Dear God

Please speak to me now as I read your word, forgive me for so often just reading it to ease my own conscience or to make me feel better, please help me to read it, absorb it and to let it change me right from the inside out.

Thank you God for answering prayer! Thank you for helping me to flee youthful desires and to not give in to lust. Thank you God for that meeting going so well yesterday.

Please God direct me. Help me to love you in a real way, more than I love myself or my bf. please Lord teach me how to live. Break my heart for what breaks yours. Make me holy.

Lord I pray for my friend’s friend’s brother. Please help him to realise that he does not need to get drunk to have fun. Please help him to realise this for himself before someone gets hurt. Lord please help my cousin and my work friend to know that this period of singleness will not last forever. Please help them to try to cherish it, use it wisely, seeking you wholeheartedly and being a blessing to whoever we are with.

Thank you God for the gorgeous weather lately and the lovely rose garden I got to see yesterday. Thank you for your amazing generosity to me! I love you Jesus. Amen.


What if God was one of us?…


Aggghh God!

I am obsessed with my self! I take lots of selfies.. And I’m obsessed with Facebook – seriously think I check it 5 times / day! Also obsessed with my bf… Can’t stop thinking about him.

God I pray for G and C. Help heal their hearts God and give me wisdom, help me to be a real friend to them. I pray for CH thank you for her new job, what an answer to prayer!

Jesus you are great, Jesus you are good…. That reminds me of that song – What if God was one of us….??? Well you did become a man and came here to die to save us. You were one of us…and we killed you. But you rose again and you live today! Nothing can separate us from your love. It is so great!

Lord thank you!



Pretty as a picture


Heavenly Father

Sorry for disobeying my dad, I confess to you that I regularly disobey him and lie to him, please help me to stop and start obeying him and being honest to him.

Only you Jesus give me the power to change.

God you are good, your love endures forever, your faithfulness never ends, you are my saviour, redeemer and friend – closer than a brother.

You allow bad things to happen, but you bring good out of them somehow. All things work together for the good of those who love you, who are called according to your purpose. (Romans 8:28)

That is tremendously reassuring! No matter what happens you can turn it around to bring glory to Jesus.

One day every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. I just pray that my friends wouldn’t leave it til it’s too late.

Lord thank you for giving tk his job which he loves, what an answer to prayer. Thank you for my job and the satisfaction it gives me! Thank you also for answering Jonathan’s prayer for a girlfriend! Could it really be me!? 🙂

God thank you for my dad – I do love him and want to obey him. May I put my words into action. And honour him the way you want me to.

Bless jk in his relationship and direct his paths. Thank you for helping me in work today and please help me tomorrow to be smart, efficient, wise and caring.

In Jesus’ mighty name I ask


Have a merry little Christmas.



Hope our celebrations were pleasing in your sight.
Thank you for all the food, fun and gifts we got to generously give and receive.
Jesus praise you, for your ultimate gift, thank you that we can know you and that you want to know us.

Sorry Lord for the usual arguments, sorry Lord for the bad attitudes, hostile thoughts, hasty words and hurtful and selfish actions. How do you put up with me?
The more I try to be good, the more I fail!
Thank you that it is through your death on the cross that I am saved, not anything I could try to do.
God you are so generous, your gifts are even better than the lovely, thoughtful ones I received today.

Please bless my family, my friends, my work mates and clients.
May your will be done and your purposes lived out by us.
Lord I especially pray for the sick tonight, please heal them, and my church leaders, please encourage, edify and fill them to brimming over with your Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ name


He knows me better than I know myself!


Dear God,

I adore you! You are worthy. I love you. And worship you. Blessed be your name. May your will be done. Have your way in my life. You know best. May you be glorified.

Sorry God for being so consumed by my thoughts about that fella but I’m wondering does he have a gf, I don’t want to just ask him as that makes it too obvious that I am interested and he doesn’t even seem interested in me. I feel like I am getting mixed signals from him.

O God, give me wisdom to know what to do. Thank you for everything! Thank you that I can enjoy you, get to really know Jesus, thank you for how often I get to see my friends, for good health, the privilege of having a job helping the elderly, the luxury of going to the beach yesterday, the freedom of swimming in the sea and the joy of trying to dance!

Please God, help my sister in her work, to keep up to speed and to prepare well for her yearly review that is coming up. Bless her and thank you for how generous she is to me and such a good friend for keeping me accountable.

Please help me to run as fast as I can towards you Jesus. May nothing stop me or slow me down. I signed up to a dating agency but God may your will be done. That is all I desire.

You are so good. Even when I am unfaithful to you, you remain faithful. Thank you. I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve anything good. You are completely awesome. May my first priority be honouring You and encouraging people to get closer to you!

In Jesus powerful name,


The big picture


Lord soften my heart. You know everything, you are righteous, holy and awesome.

Sorry for being so pass-remarkable yesterday..saying: that girl was doing a lot of name-dropping and you know the other negative comments I made.

Sorry God. Please make me more and more like Jesus. I have a long, long way to go!

Thank you for friends and family and especially my family through you… Brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please give me wisdom. Help me to know how to approach the subject of the guy I think has a crush on my wonderful friend, help me to be sensitive and respectful to both of them, and yes I hope I would be genuinely happy for them if they got together.

Thank you for that word last night. Sometimes I feel like I am on a train, not going anywhere at the min, just waiting at the station, expecting it to go one direction… but all the while You have something totally different in mind at the moment and even a different track!

Lord guide me, help me to walk in your purposes.

In Jesus name.