All I need is you


Dear Jesus,

This week I tried praying to you on my knees at my bedside first thing in the mornings and it was hard! Is it because I’ve gotten so used to writing my prayers instead of speaking them?
If so that’s kind of sad, I want to be able to talk freely to you.

Nothing else compares to knowing you Jesus. As long as you are with me, nothing else matters. The other things I worry about are worthless compared to you!

You are patient, kind, slow to anger, humble, generous, forgiving, caring and fair.
Thank you for helping me get on well in work yesterday, keeping me safe as I drove down the motorway and for the fun night out I had.

God sorry for being so full of pride, so self seeking, for speeding, for using my phone while driving, for being nasty about other people, for making other people feel uncomfortable and for being so concerned that they should have a good opinion of me.

Please Lord fill me with your Holy Spirit. May I know that true love is not an emotion, it is unconditional and it is shown through actions. John 15v13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15v13. May I respond to your love by obeying you Jesus, listening to your word and putting it into practise more and more.

You are wonderful, you are good, you are love.

I need you.