There is no greater thing….(than knowing you Jesus!) phil3:8


Lord God you are supreme. You are my redeemer, my best friend, closer than a brother or a lover! Jesus you gave everything for me. God you even gave up your son for me. How can I ever thank you?

Sorry God for forgetting about you all the time. Sorry for ignoring opportunities you place right before me. Sorry for complaining about so much. Lord I have it so easy, yet I hardly ever behave like it!

Thank you Heavenly Father for my job, my lovely bosses, my close friends, my old friends, my sweet, sweet boyfriend and my caring, hard working family. Thank you for being super patient with me. Thank you for never giving up on me or turning your back on me.

Please God I pray for the Palestinians and Jews in Israel/Gaza. Please bring real peace, true restoration and fill them with your Holy Spirit and show them you love them dearly. Please heal the patients with Ebola in Africa, bring it under control and speed up the cure. I ask that you would protect the Christians in Iraq, Korea and other areas where there is persecution – protect them, encourage and bless them spiritually and mentally if not physically.

Jesus for me – thank you for helping me with my presentation this morning, my bf as he led the prayer meeting tonight.. Please help me as I prepare the lessons and ice breakers for my Sunday school class, as I prepare for my ksf, and please help me to be a shining demonstration of your love to my work mates, friends, patients, family and boyfriend.
Use me however you wish. I know you know best!

I love you Christ.
May I love you more and more every day of my life.


You increase

To wait for God is never a waste of time.O Lord, Hey last night I hoped that guy would want to meet up with me. He said he’d text when he found out what his mate was doing. I suppose at least I had a good night with my best friend – hot choc, crisps and popcorn, yum! He clearly isn’t interested in me, so please Lord help me to forget about him and focus on you. Lord you are worthy, you alone are worthy to receive glory, honour, praise, admiration and worship. I want to know you intimately, to hear your voice like Moses did. I want to love you more and be bold for you. Help me not to love worship music but to truly love you. Help me not to be infatuated with finding a husband, but to seek primarily to follow you Jesus. Change my life, shape me, teach me, test me, bless me, forgive me for taking my focus off you so easily. I am your bride, help me to be 100% committed to you, not like Gomer – which is how I act so easily. I want to glorify your name in all the earth. May I decrease and you increase. Who cares about anything else?! Blessed be your name. Show me more of yourself as I read your word now…